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Apex Scotland - SIPR Annual Lecture

Date of event: September 11, 2007

Signet Library, Parliament Square, Edinburgh

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Event Briefing

The Apex Scotland Annual Lecture was held in conjunction with SIPR on 11 September 2007 in the Signet Library, Parliament Square, Edinburgh. The lecture, “Leadership from Bottom to Top: Chicago’s Model for Community Policing,” was given by Wesley Skogan, Professor of Political Science at the Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University.

Chicago’s community policing program features widespread opportunities for public involvement and a commitment to responding effectively to the broad range of concerns they bring to the table. Making this model work demanded significant changes within the police department, in the relationship between police and other service agencies, and in the role of the mayor as the broker of inter-agency collaboration. In his presentation, Professor Skogan examined the organizational, managerial and political strategies that were employed to craft a workable program for Chicago, and provided some evidence of their effectiveness.

A Transcript of Professor Skogan’s presentation is available.
Details of Professor Skogan’s research can be found at

Wesley Skogan

Professor Wesley Skogan

The Signet Library

The Signet Library, Edinburgh

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