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Crime and Policing: Past and Present

Date of event: May 19, 2010

West Park Conference Centre, Dundee

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Event Briefing

A Knowledge Exchange Workshop co-sponsored by The Scottish Institute for Policing Research and the Department of History, University of Dundee

The conference was the first in a series of events to be co-sponsored by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research and the department of History at the University of Dundee. The series is intended to provide a unique forum for historians and other academics to engage with crime and policing professionals, with the aim of sharing and enhancing mutual knowledge and research agendas. It is particularly intended to provide an opportunity for contemporary crime and policing issues to be considered from a historical perspective.

Programme and Outputs

Professor Nicholas Fyfe (Director, SIPR) & Dr Murray Frame (Programme Convenor, History department, University of Dundee) Welcome and Opening Comments
Podcast – 6 Minutes [3 Mb]

WOMEN IN POLICING Chair: Professor Nicholas Fyfe


  • Professor Chris Whatley (Vice Principal and Head of the College of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Dundee) The Crowd and the Authorities in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
    Podcast – 37 Minutes [16.8 Mb]
  • Professor Stephen Reicher (School of Psychology, University of St Andrews)
    Podcast – 33 Minutes [14.9 Mb]
  • Q & A Session
    Podcast – 24 Minutes [11.0 Mb]


  • Dr Annmarie Hughes (Department of Economic & Social History, University of Glasgow)An Ambiguous Relationship?: Policing, Prosecuting and Censuring wife-beating in Scotland, c1870-1939
    PowerPoint [1.3 Mb]
    Podcast – 34 Minutes [15.4 Mb]
  • Dr Wendy Morgan (London Metropolitan University) Domestic violence – theories and implications
    PowerPoint [2.3 Mb]
    Podcast – 37 Minutes [16.7 Mb]
  • Q & A Session
    Podcast – 24 Minutes [11.0 Mb]

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Chair: Dr Anja Johansen

  • Professor Clive Emsley (Emeritus Professor, Department of History, Open University, Milton Keynes; former Director of the European Centre for the Study of Policing) Was the British police officer ever different?
    PowerPoint [5.6 Mb]
    Podcast – 58 Minutes [26.8 Mb]
  • Q & A Session
    Podcast – 21 Minutes [9.8]

The workshop on Crime and Policing: Past and Present was co-organised by Professor Nicholas Fyfe (SIPR), Dr Murray Frame & Dr Anja Johansen (History) and was administered by Tim Heilbronn from the Scottish Institute for Policing Research. For more details contact:

Speakers - Women in Policing
(l to r) Angela Wilson, Louise Jackson, Nick Fyfe

Speakers - Crowds, Public Order & Policing
(l to r) Stephen Reicher, Peter Wilson, Chris Whatley

Speakers - Domestic Violence
(l to r) Wendy Morgan, Murray Frame, Annmarie Hughes

Keynote Speaker - Clive Emsley
Clive Emsley

The Organisers with Clive Emsley
(l to r) Nick Fyfe, Anja Johansen, Clive Emsley, Murray Frame

The Audience

Event Programme

Event Speaker & Guests

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