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Future of Policing: A SIPR End of Year Event

Date of event: December 2, 2020

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Event Briefing

In lieu of our annual conference, this year SIPR will be organising an online event.
The focus of this event will be on the ‘Future of Policing’ to tie in with the launch of our ‘Future of Policing’ research grant. This grant will seek applications for research projects focussed on addressing and exploring the challenges and emerging issues related to the future of Policing within Scotland, but which may also have relevance internationally.

Future of policing projects should also align with the three SIPR Strategic Research Themes:
– Policing and health, safety and well-being (e.g. role of policing within the wider system);
– Technology and digital policing (e.g. digital transformation and cyber); and
– Policing systems capability and resilience (e.g. workforce and demand).

These themes have been developed in collaboration with Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority, and align with policing priorities for Scotland (see the Joint Strategy for Policing 2020 and Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland).
The purpose of the event will be to bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers to discuss research priorities and develop project ideas.
The event will take place as a half day event from 10:00 until 13:00.

The breakout sessions will each focus on one of the three SIPR Strategic Research Themes. Each breakout session will feature a panel who will identify some of the key future challenges for each of the topic. The session will also seek to facilitate discussions amongst the SIPR academic and practitioner participants.

We encourage participants to bring their research ideas to these sessions. As a practitioner or policy maker, this could be as an identified research need, or as an academic – a research concept.

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