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H2020 and opportunities within SIPR

Date of event: March 18, 2015

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Event Briefing

H2020 Security Theme

The European Commission has published the Draft Work Programme for the 2016-17 phase of the H2020 Security theme. Security calls open on 15th March 2016, with a deadline of 25th August 2016 for submission of proposals.

SIPR launched its Engagement in European Policing Research Programme, and this has been updated to include H2020 funding applications to offset nonrecoverable costs involved in preparing proposals at the pre-award stages. Each EEPR application can be for a maximum of £2,000 for any one proposal.

Further details of the Work Programme on the Security Theme are shown in the link below, or please see the PowerPoint Presentation prepared by the University of Dundee Research and Innovation Services, on the overall structure of Horizon 2020.

Draft Work Programme 2016-17 for the H2020 Framework Programme …

H2020 and opportunities within SIPR, 18th March 2015, University of Dundee

Following on from the previous event held in January 2014, SIPR organised this further event to provide information on new opportunities within the Secure Societies theme of Horizon 2020 which opened on 25th March 2015, with a deadline of 27th August 2015.

Powerpoints from this event are shown below.

    • Neil Stewart(Research and Innovation Services, University of Dundee): Overview of H2020 research funding
      PowerPoint Presentation[673 Kb]
    • Liz Aston (Edinburgh Napier University) & Megan O’Neill (University of Dundee): A successful H2020 funding application: “Enhancing cooperation between law enforcement agencies and citizens – Community policing”
      PowerPoint Presentation [237 Kb]
    • Tim Heilbronn (SIPR): The European Police College and H2020: key insights from a recent workshop
      PowerPoint Presentation [4.2 Mb]

SIPR / H2020 event for the Security Theme, 10th January 2014, University of Dundee

This event explained the new policing landscape post-reform and its impact on the relationship with SIPR, highlighted our Small Grants that will be available, and provided information on opportunities within the security theme of Horizon 2020.

Powerpoints from this event are shown below.

    • Cordelia Denby (Research and Innovation Services, University of Dundee): Overview of H2020 research funding
      PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)[524 Kb]
    • Christian Kaunert (University of Dundee): Experience in EU research collaborations
    • Jim Fraser (University of Strathclyde): Forensic Science in Europe : opportunities in H2020
    • Nick Fyfe (Director, SIPR): New opportunities

For further details, please contact the Business and Knowledge Transfer Manager, Tim Heilbronn (

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