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Local, Scottish and European Issues for Policing

Date of event: November 28, 2008

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Event Briefing

This one day Policing Conference, hosted at Glasgow Caledonian University to re-launch the Scottish Branch of the British Society of Criminology, was a joint event in partnership with SIPR and Strathclyde Police. The conference theme focused on innovative developments on the issues for policing and criminal justice at the European, National and local level.

The morning session was given over to talks on Policing in Scotland and beyond, and the afternoon concentrated on Community Safety and the Enhanced Policing Plan, an evaluation of which was carried out by a team of researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Copy of the Report “Building Safer Communities”…

  • Police Legitimacy and Trust in Justice: the EU JUSTIS Project
    Professor Mike Hough (President BSC)
     [1.82 Mb]
  • Policing Research in Scotland: back to the future?
    Professor Nick Fyfe (Director of SIPR)
     [1.92 Mb]
  • Community Policing – a Shared Responsibility
    Chief Superintendent John Pollock (Strathclyde Police)
     [2.96 Mb]
  • Implementing the Enhanced Policing Plan
    Superintendent Michelle Martin (Strathclyde Police)
     [1.71 Mb]
  • Evaluation of the Enhanced Policing Plan: Research Methods and Findings
    Jan Nicholson and Dr. Liz Frondigoun (Glasgow Caledonian University)
     [3.04 Mb]

Event Programme

Event Speaker & Guests

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