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Mixed economy policing and workforce modernisation

Date of event: January 21, 2010

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Event Briefing

Iris Murdoch Building, University of Stirling, 21st January 2010

This event profiled the potential benefits of “mixed economy policing” (essentially a blend of police officers and specialist police staff working together in a front-line operational setting). The concept aims to address several of the major challenges which currently face the Scottish Police Service by:

  • creating opportunities to significantly increase front-line policing capacity from existing resources
  • creating a more flexible workforce which achieves a much closer match of skills to specific tasks
  • creating a more efficient and cost-effective service
  • improving the quality of service proved to victims of crime and witnesses


Chair: Professor Nick Fyfe (Director, SIPR, University of Dundee)

  • Chief Constable Kevin Smith (Central Scotland Police) Introduction
  • Superintendent Gavin Buist & Superintendent Robbie McGregor (Central Scotland Police) From vision to reality and taking Mixed Economy policing forwards
    PowerPoint [706 Kb]Due to a technical failure, we regret that we are unable to provide a podcast of the above talk.
  • Kenneth Scott (University of the West of Scotland) Evaluating the Mixed Economy Model in Central Scotland Police
    PowerPoint [593 Kb]
    Podcast – 50 Minutes [45.6 Mb]
  • Derek Mann (NPIA) Workforce modernisation: creating an opportunity
    PowerPoint [1.2 Mb]
    Podcast – 25 Minutes [22.8 Mb]
  • Discussion
    Podcast – 14 Minutes [12.5 Mb]

The Speakers
(l to r) McGregor, Buist, Mann, Fyfe

Event Programme

Event Speaker & Guests

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