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Northern Police Research Webinar - Economic Crime Investigation Survey in the Finnish police in 2023

Date of event: June 14, 2024


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Event Briefing

Economic Crime Investigation Survey in the Finnish police in 2023

The seventh in the Northern Research Police Webinar Series of Spring 2024

Speakers: Vesa Muttilainen – & Terhi Kankaanranta

Chair: Vesa Huotari


Based on the data collected via an electronic survey, the state of economic crime investigation in Finland from various perspectives will be reviewed. A questionnaire will be sent to persons who perform economic crime investigations in the Finnish police. Topics such as e.g. the investigation process and its organization, co-operation between the police and other authorities and involved parties as well as the police staff’s training needs are addressed. The previous such surveys were carried out in 2011 and 2015. In our presentation we will describe the main results of the latest survey, and compare the results to the previous studies. Besides these, we present police statistics on the development of new, open and closed economic crime cases in the longer run.

Event Programme

11:00 -
- Northern Police Research Webinar - Economic Crime Investigation Survey in the Finnish police in 2023

Event Speaker & Guests

Vesa Muttilainen Speaker

Vesa Muttilainen has a PhD degree in social sciences, and he currently works as a Senior Researcher. His research interests cover especially financial crime themes such as corruption, money laundering and economic crime investigation.  He has also edited four extensive collections of articles on the Police's operating environment. Dr. Muttilainen has worked in various roles in several research and innovation projects funded by the Finnish government or ministries, European Union (Horizon- and Twinning-programs) and Nordic funding sources. He is a former editor-in-chief of the Nordic Journal of Studies in Policing.

Terhi Kankaanranta Speaker

Terhi Kankaanranta, PhD in Health Economics, works as a Senior researcher in Police University College of Finland. Her research expertise covers e.g. the analysis of economic, cyber, human trafficking and environmental crimes, as well as analysis of economic crime investigation and factors influencing labour supply decisions. Kankaanranta has been project manager in several research projects focusing on economic crimes; please see e.g. research project focusing on illicit waste trafficking (BlockWaste - Police University College ( and Modelling of pre-trial investigation of human trafficking offences (Ihmemalli - Police University College (

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