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Policy Transfer in Policing:Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Date of event: December 4, 2012

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Event Briefing

The conference was the third in a series of events funded by a Royal Society of Edinburgh Arts & Humanities Network Award on the theme of Crime and Policing in Scotland: Past and Present. The network is intended to provide a unique forum for researchers to engage with police and criminal justice practitioners, with the aim of sharing and enhancing mutual knowledge and research agendas and providing an opportunity for contemporary Scottish crime and policing issues to be considered from an international historical perspective.

The theme of this conference was policy transfer, including cross-border collaboration and emulation in approaches to crime-fighting and policing. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the main sources of inspiration in Scotland for policing models and strategies came from England. However strategies for crime-fighting and policing inevitably were always a variation on the original scheme, adapted to the Scottish institutional framework as well as to local social and geographical conditions. The conference will focus on the ways in which crime-fighting and policing models were borrowed, adapted and transformed, often into something very different from the original in order to fit local structures, conditions and needs. It will focus in particular on the second half of the twentieth century when policies and strategies developed for societies like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands were applied in Scotland (and might be applied in future).

Powerpoints and Podcasts from this event are shown below.

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    • Welcome and Opening Comments Professor Nick Fyfe, Director, SIPR
      Podcast [3 minutes, 1.4 Mb]

Session 1 Chair: Dr Anja Johansen

    • Björn Furuhagen (Uppsala University, Sweden): The development of the Scandinavian police during the 19th and 20th centuries: Transference, adaptation and cooperation
      PowerPoint Presentation [251 Kb]
      Podcast [32 minutes, 14.7 Mb]
    • Jarrett Blaustein (University of Edinburgh): Policy translations for police reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina
      PowerPoint Presentation[6.4 Mb]
      Podcast [32 minutes, 14.6 Mb]
  • Panel discussion
    Podcast [45 minutes, 20.7 Mb]

Session 2 Chair: Dr Murray Frame

    • Georgina Sinclair (International Centre for Crime, Policing and Justice, Open University): The Internationalisation of UK Policing 1945 – 1969
      PowerPoint Presentation [1.6 Mb]
      Podcast [33 minutes, 15.2 Mb]
    • Liam O’Shea (University of St Andrews): Apolitical, ahistorical, and overly technical – why does international police aid frequently fail to improve police performance in developing countries? In which contexts can it?
      PowerPoint Presentation [1.7 Mb]
      Podcast[25minutes, 11.4 Mb]
    • Panel discussion
      Podcast [36 minutes, 16.6 Mb]

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Speakers and Chairs:
Front (l to r): Sinclair, O’Shea.
Back (l to r): Johansen, Furuhagen, Murray

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