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SIPR-GMU Research Symposium

Date of event: October 20, 2014

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Event Briefing

Building on an event held last year in Washington DC, and with support from Scottish Government and jointly organised by SIPR and the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy (CEBCP) at George Mason University (GMU) in the USA, this symposium brought together researchers and practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss key issues in contemporary policing.

Conference Organisers

Professor Nick Fyfe, Director, SIPR
Professor Cynthia Lum, Director, CEBCP, GMU

(Picture by Jeff Egge) Pre-Symposium visit to Stirling Castle. l to r. Steve Mastrofski, Nick Fyfe, Jeff Egge, Cynthia Lum, Jennifer Stucker, John Eck, Charlotte Gill, Claudia Gross-Shader, James Willis, Breanne Cave, Julie Grieco, Heather Vovak

Powerpoints and podcasts from this event, as available, are shown below.

Download the Programmme and Biographical Notes


DCC Neil Richardson QPM, OBE (Police Scotland); Nick Fyfe (SIPR) & Cynthia Lum (GMU : Welcome
Podcast [15 minutes, 5.2 Mb]

Plenary I Policing and crime prevention: exploring the relationships between deterrence, fairness and effectiveness

Chair: Cynthia Lum (GMU)

    • Discussion
      Podcast [22 minutes, 7.9 Mb]

(Picture by Jeff Egge) Speakers, Plenary I and II. l to r. Susan McVie, Nick Fyfe, Peter Neyroud, Tara Fenwick, David Weisburd, Dan Nagin, Cynthia Lum

Plenary II Professionalism, Policing and Science

Chair: Nick Fyfe

    • David Weisburd (GMU): Police Ownership of Science: why it is essential for advancing policing and police science
      Podcast.. [25 minutes, 9.0 Mb]

(Picture by Julie Grieco) Pre-conference visit to Stirling Castle


Workshop A. Police-Community Partnerships

Chair: Peter Wilson QPM

    • Richard Whetton (Improvement Service) : Safer Communities Partnership working in Scotland: developments, challenges and opportunities
      PowerPoint Presentation… [0.8 Mb]
    • Charlotte Gill (GMU ) : Research-Practice-Community Partnerships for Crime Prevention: Lessons from Seattle (Part 1)
      pdf of Presentation…[6.0 Mb]
    • Claudia Gross Shader (City of Seattle) : Research-Practice-Community Partnerships for Crime Prevention: Lessons from Seattle (Part 2)
      pdf of Presentation… [6.0 Mb]

Workshop B. Evidence translation and the challenge of embedding what works I

Chair: Sandra Nutley (St Andrews)

    • Betsy Stanko OBE (MOPAC) : Creating a wake while swimming upstream: sharing observations about what worked and what didn’t from a decade of translation inside the Metropolitan Police Service, London
      Podcast… [16 minutes, 5.8 Mb]

Workshop C. Police legitimacy I: procedural justice and ethics

Chair: Jeffrey Murer (St Andrews)

    • Sarah MacQueen (Edinburgh) & Ben Bradford (Oxford) : Procedural justice in practice: first findings from the Scottish Community Engagement Trial (ScotCET)
      PowerPoint Presentation… [1.0 Mb]
    • Richie Adams (Police Scotland) : Values based policing in Scotland – ethical policing from poster to pavement
      PowerPoint Presentation… [1.5 Mb]
    • Renee Mitchell (GMU) : Police Legitimacy and the street cop: what does procedural justice look like on the street
      PowerPoint Presentation… [0.5 Mb]

Workshop D. Evidence translation and the challenge of embedding ‘what works’ II

Chair: Gloria Laycock (UCL)

    • Robin Engel (University of Cincinnati) : Police-Academic Partnerships: replicating what works and eliminating what doesn’t
      pdf of Presentation… [0.8 Mb]
      Podcast… [17 minutes, 5.9 Mb]
    • Leda Blackwood (St Andrews) : Muslim-airport policing encounters: Opportunities for improving community relations
      pdf of Presentation… [1.2 Mb]
      Podcast… [19 minutes, 6.8 Mb]

Workshop E. Police legitimacy II: organisational reform and training

Chair: Jeffrey Murer (St Andrews)

    • Nick Fyfe (Dundee) : Windows of opportunity? Police reform in Scotland in comparative perspective
      PowerPoint Presentation… [1.4 Mb]
    • Annette Robertson, Lesley McMillan (GCU) [co-authors Jon Godwin (GCU) & Ross Deuchar (UWS)] : Procedural Justice and Police Training is Scotland: Results of a Trial Project
      pdf of Presentation…[0.7 Mb]
    • Breanne Cave (GMU) : Preliminary findings on police legitimacy from Baltimore Health and Safety Study
      PowerPoint Presentation…[5.0 Mb]

Workshop F. Interventions to prevent and control crime and disorder

Chair: David Weisburd (GMU)

    • Andrew Wooff (Sheffield) : Police responses to anti-social behaviour in rural Scotland: why context matters
      pdf of Presentation…[3.2 Mb]
    • John Eck (University of Cincinnati): The web of police influence on offender decisions: making better use of all legitimate tools
      PowerPoint Presentation… [1.5 Mb]

(Picture by Tim Heilbronn) Round-table discussion in the Maxwell Room. Pre-conference visit to the Scottish Parliament

For further details, please contact the Business and Knowledge Transfer Manager, Tim Heilbronn (

(Picture by Jeff Egge) Presentation of the 2014 CEBCP Distinguished Achievement Award in Evidence-Based Crime Policy to Professor Nick Fyfe by David Weisburd and Cynthia Lum

(Picture by Jeff Egge) Tulliallan Castle

(Picture by Jeff Egge) Pre-conference visit to Lasswade Community Centre

(Picture by Jeff Egge) Edinburgh Castle

(Picture by Jeff Egge) Pre-conference visit to the Scottish Parliament

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