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SIPR - SCCJR Student "Away Day"

Date of event: September 22, 2009

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Event Briefing

The 4th in a series of events organised by SIPR and the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, and designed to bring together students working in the fields of policing and criminology research, was held at the University of Dundee, on 22nd September 2009.

The programme was in two parts as shown below. The first part was student-led, with short presentations by each student. These were interspersed with discussions on some issues identified as being of general interest to students, with presentations and discussions led by established researchers.

Seminar Outputs

Student Presentations

  • Ellie Bates, Edinburgh Exploring place and time dynamics of vandalism in a Scottish Context
    PowerPoint [3.9 Mb]
  • Midj Falconer, Robert Gordon Resilience and well-being in a Scottish police force
    PowerPoint [9.0 Mb]
  • Suzanne Young, Stirling Policing Violence Perpetrated By Young Women in Scotland
    PowerPoint [70 Kb]
  • Christine Kelly, Glasgow Criminalization of children in Scotland: an historical perspective
    Synopsis of talk
  • Paul Robertson, Abertay Evaluation of Computer Games Based Firearms Training Simulation
    PowerPoint to follow [1.3 Mb]
  • Neil Davidson, Dundee Policing the Night-time Economy in Scottish towns and cities
    PowerPoint [5.5 Mb]
  • Julie Gawrylowicz, Abertay The efficiency of E-FIT with mild learning disabled witnesses
    PowerPoint [2.2 Mb]
  • Lucina Hackman, Dundee Age assessment in the living
    PowerPoint [1.3 Mb]
  • Stephanie Fohring Victims of crime in Scotland
    PowerPoint [582 Kb]

Additional Presentations

  • Inspector Steve Ritchie and Dr Penny Woolnough, Grampian Police Research Unit How do police use research findings? : How to create an impact
    PowerPoint [913 Kb]
  • Claire Lightowler, KE Coordinator & Suzanne Young, SCCJR Development of a student crime and justice website
    PowerPoint [3.0 Mb]
  • David La Rooy, University of Abertay Psychological perspectives on investigative interviewing
    PowerPoint to follow
  • Donna Marie Brown, University of Dundee Using ethnography in policing research
    PowerPoint 864 Kb]



The attendees
Participants – Student “Away Day”, September 2009

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