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The SIPR/Police Scotland Postgraduate Award

Date of event: June 30, 2015

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Event Briefing

The inaugural Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) and Police Scotland Postgraduate Student Award was introduced to encourage those who had completed, or who were working towards, a masters or doctoral award in a topic that is related to policing, to present their research in a supportive environment.

The inaugural awards were announced as:

Award for Best Presentation :
Elaine McLaughlin, Glasgow Caledonian University

Special Mentions : Maureen Taylor and Katy Proctor, both GCU

Award for Best Poster :
Heather Horsburgh, UWS

Special Mentions : Adam Aitken, University of Glasgow and Eloisa Monteoliva Garcia, Heriot-Watt University

Winners (l to r) of the Best Poster Award (Heather Horsburgh) and Best Presentaion (Elaine McLaughlin) with Professor Nick Fyfe and CS John Pow.

“The prize will provide the winner a unique
opportunity…and the potential for their
research to have a direct impact on police
practice in Scotland”

For more details on The Prize, please see right hand column


Please download the Full Programme timings and Abstracts

Student Presentations

Platform Presentations I:

  • Nadine Aliane Police Scotland Why is Racist Hate Crime under reported to the Police in Scotland?
    PowerPoint Presentation [0.6 Mb]
  • Alistair Shields SIPR postgraduate Spectacle or Spectacular; the influence of the Specialist Officer on the Security Planning for a Mega-Event
    PowerPoint Presentation [2.5 Mb]
  • Amy Humphrey University of Dundee Networked Geographies of Search: Coordination, mobilization and performance in the police investigation of missing persons
    PowerPoint Presentation [4.7 Mb]
  • Joe Apps University of Dundee Cultural Nature of Missing
    PowerPoint Presentation [0.7 Mb]
  • Lambros George Kaoullas University of Edinburgh Security Deficit, Communalisation of the Monopoly of Violence and Polity-Building in Cyprus during the 1963-64 Crisis
    pdf of Presentation [2.4 Mb]
  • Emmanuel Sotande University of Leeds Framing Organized Crime in Nigeria: Rational Choice Theory and Anti-Money Laundering Framework
    PowerPoint Presentation [1.0 Mb]

Platform Presentations II:

  • Maureen Taylor Glasgow Caledonian University Group-associated child sexual exploitation: Exploring the networks
    PowerPoint Presentation [0.6 Mb]
  • Elaine McLaughlin Glasgow Caledonian University A police response to women with an insecure immigration status experiencing domestic abuse
    PowerPoint Presentation [0.1 Mb]
  • Katy Proctor Glasgow Caledonian University Stalking in Scotland; Investigating the Invisible
    PowerPoint Presentation [0.2 Mb]
  • Liam David Ralph University of Glasgow A Case Study Exploration of Civilian Drivers’ Responses to the Lowered Drink-Driving Limit within a Scottish Community
    PowerPoint Presentation [0.5 Mb]
  • Johanne Miller UWS Dilemmas and distractions of defining a gang
    PowerPoint Presentation [0.3 Mb]
  • Ali Malik University of Edinburgh Exploring the landscape of police governance and accountability in Scotland
    PowerPoint Presentation [5.0 Mb]

Poster Presentations:

  • Gordon Mackenzie Police Scotland Exploring Investigative Psychology’s approach to homicide analysis
    Poster [0.7 Mb]
  • Heather Horsburgh UWS Police Media Activities in Scotland: Is Social Media the Way Forward?
    Poster [0.3 Mb]
  • William Graham Abertay University ‘Backflow of policy transfer’ An exchange of ideas in a case study of international criminal justice policy transfer in violence reduction
    Poster [0.8 Mb]
  • Adam Aitken SCCJR, University of Glasgow Communicating Security: local perceptions of mega event policing
    Poster [0.5 Mb]
  • James Sutherland University of Abertay Remote Internet Observation – Internet usage monitoring for offender management
    Poster [0.5 Mb]
  • Eloisa Monteoliva García Heriot-Watt University Interpreting in multilingual investigative police interviews: assumptions, needs and challenges
    Poster [0.4 Mb]

Please download the Full Programme timings and Abstracts

For further details, please contact the organisers:

Lynn Kelly, University of Dundee (

Denise Martin, University of West of Scotland (

or Tim Heilbronn, SIPR Business and KT Manager (

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This Conference was organised by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research


The prize has also provided the winners with the opportunity to collaborate with SIPR and Police Scotland to consider how their research can be further developed and how it might inform policing practice in Scotland. This level of access to established researchers and police practitioners will afford the winners a unique opportunity to contribute to the body of knowledge that informs policing and the potential for their research to have a direct impact on police practice in Scotland.

Participants have also been invited to have their work published on the SIPR blog which is disseminated to a large network of researchers and practitioners.

This symposium offers an excellent opportunity for students to have their work shared to a wide academic and professional audience with a view to making an impact on policing in Scotland, and is intended to be held as an annual event.

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