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Basil’s Cyber Marathon: 27-28 February

Basil is The Cyber Academy Manager, at the School of Computing, Engineering & Built Environment (SCEBE) at Edinburgh Napier University. He is also an forensic scientist, with more than 14 years of experience as an Expert Witness in digital forensics and digital evidence.

The Cyber Marathon is the culmination of years of public engagement aiming to inform the public, businesses, charities and governments on all issues related to online threats, crime and risks.

This engagement was developed to include other aspects of cyber, including industry trends, predictions and information on how different sectors deal and cope (or do not cope, for that matter) with Cyber challenges.

Most people perceive everything that has to do with online threats as a “technical” issue, for “those who understand computers“, whereas the truth is that it is more about people, behaviours and states of mind.

This goes for all sectors of our society, from teenagers and pensioners to businesses and charities.

The Cyber Marathon has a plethora of special guests, all experts and specialists in their domains, providing a more comprehensive approach to Cyber Scotland Week, than ever before.  

  • The Cyber Marathon kicks off with ENU’s very own @Killen, Scott talking about our GA Cybersecurity offerings.
  • We continue with Beverly Bowles, Nicola Taylor and David Ferguson (from ScotlandIS),
  • Cary Hendricks (Digital Forensics Expert from ID Cyber Solutions), James Kwaan (Lloyds Banking Group)
  • Steph Wright (Scottish AI Alliance)
  • Laura Irvine (Solicitor-Advocate/DCS Legal)
  • Jacob Duane (Stellastra), Selene Giupponi (Resecurity Inc/Women4Cyber)
  • Don Smith (VP Threat Research/SecureWorks)
  • Christina Eckford (ENU alumna/West Lothian College/Citizens of Cyber)
  • Brian Baglow FRSA (ENU alumnus, P/T lecturer at ENU, Scottish Gaming Network)
  • Sharon Moore MBE (IBM)
  • Mark Mitchell (ENU alumnus, SOC Manager)
  • Christopher Church (INTERPOL)
  • Mark Cunningham-Dickie (DF/IR expert, ENU alumnus, Quorum Cyber)
  • Dr Adrian Smales (ENU alumnus, Heriot-Watt University/National Robotarium)
  • Annabel Turner (lawyer/founder Cybersafe Scotland) with Basil Manoussos filling some of the remaining slots
  • and Keith McDevitt (Scottish Government) who will reflect on his 47 years in public service, while he is facing retirement, and share his thoughts about the future of cyber resilience in Scotland.

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