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Launch of SIPR Podcast Series!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand new podcast: [re]Searchlight. This podcast is all about bringing policing research happening across Scotland and the UK to light by talking to policy makers, researchers and the public!

About the Host:

Dr Olivia Coombes

Dr Olivia Coombes

3PO Communications and Dissemination Officer

Dr Olivia Coombes joined SIPR from the University of Edinburgh where she completed a PhD in philosophy. She has been brought in to specifically work as a dissemination and communication officer on the UKRI funded 3PO Project on which SIPR are co-investigators. Olivia is an experienced researcher and communicator, having headed the award-nominated podcast ‘Two Philosophers, One Podcast, No Problems’ with each episode relating philosophical concepts to popular films and television shows. In addition, she has worked with schools and universities with the aim of bringing philosophy to a public audience. Her research concerns the philosophy of time travel, something which she prides as being a little bit strange. She is extremely excited to be working on such an exciting and innovative project.

About the Podcast:

***Please Note: Dr Kate Whitfield is cited as a Senior Lecturer in this podcast and is in fact, an Associate Professor of Forensic Psychology.***

In the first episode we focus on @3PO_project, a very important project about how best to protect police officers and their families online. Dr Olivia Coombes talks to Dr Oliver Merry from @SheffieldHallam about his experiences and research.

Dr Oliver Merry

Dr Oliver Merry

Senior Lecturer of Forensic Psychology

Currently, my main role is the acting course leader for the BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychology undergraduate course. In this role I oversee the experience all students studying on this course and contribute to the module leading and teaching. I am also research active in the area of child protection, specifically focusing on the investigation of child sexual exploitation offences. In this capacity, I have worked with a range of UK police forces, the National Crime Agency, Home Office, and UK charities (such as the NSPCC).

Head over to to listen!

SIPR Podcasts will cover a variety of topics and will be routinely uploaded onto that page.

If you are interested in recording a podcast to aid in the communication and dissemination of your findings, please email to discuss how we can arrange this.

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