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New Publication: Evidence Review into Public Experience and Confidence of Body Word Video in a Policing Context

New report by Professor William Webster, Dr Diana Miranda, and Charles Leleux of the Centre for Research into Information Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP) at the University of Stirling.

SIPR was delighted to support Police Scotland in the award if a grant which set out to explore the use of Body-Worn Video (BWV) cameras in a policing context, with specific reference to police citizen interactions and scrutiny mechanisms.

The research was undertaken by with a view to providing advice and guidance to Police Scotland for the potential widespread future roll-out of BWV in Scotland.

The rationale for the use of BWV in policing is well established and is afforded a good level of public support, however, there is opportunity to learn from ‘best practice’ in the UK and beyond. As such the authors have provided a number of recommendations which would support effective and efficient role-out of BWV.

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