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Local Approaches to Policing: Police Community Relations Collaborative Project Fund

Research Activites | Police Community Collaborative Project Fund: Call For Projects.

Local Approaches to Policing (LAP) is an ambitious and diverse programme of work being developed by Police Scotland in pursuance of Policing 2026. It seeks to encourage creative and evidence-based practice both at the level of front-line local service delivery, and in relation to the support and call handling systems that provide essential support for that work. LAP provided the focus for a “sandpit event” that was held on 7th June, and for this Collaborative Project funding call that was attached to it.

Participants are invited to submit proposals for research projects to be funded from a Police Community Relations Collaborative Project Fund that allign with eight themes/areas of work that have been identified through dialogue with the LAP team as being of particular interest:

• ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) – a trauma-informed approach to public health aimed at improving life chances of young people, particularly vulnerable young people.

• The Contact Assessment Model (CAM) – the process through which first point of service contacts from the public are assessed and police assets allocated to respond.

• Schools-based officers’ projects – involving the police working in partnership with local schools

• Special constables – volunteer members of the public who receive training, carry police powers, and provide important police service to their communities in both urban and rural setting.

• Partnership crisis response models to mental health and distress – an emerging partnership between Police Scotland, the NHS and the Scottish Ambulance Service.

• Public confidence and satisfaction – key aims of local policing.

• Impact and Effectiveness of Response Policing – what impact and influence do dedicated Response Officers have on communities across Scotland?

• Centralism and localism – how does Police Scotland provide central services, direction and stability while empowering Local Leaders, Officers and Communities to focus on local needs?


Police Community Relations Collaborative Project Funding

As noted, a key objective of the sandpit was that it should stimulate connections and ideas that can be taken forward and actioned beyond the sandpit itself. SIPR will award Police Community Relations Collaborative Project Funding grants to support ongoing activity that emerges from the sandpit.

Please download FULL DETAILS of the “sandpit” for further information 

Police Community Relations Collaborative Project Funding grants will be valued at up to £20,000. 

All applications were reviewed by the SIPR Executive Committee and the Police Community Relations Brokering Team and four awards totalling £80,000 were announced in mid-November 2018. 

Further details of the Awarded Projects

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