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SIPR Impact & Dissemination Scheme

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The Scottish Institute for Policing Research are offering funding under a new grant scheme to support impact and dissemination efforts for policing research.

A maximum of £500 is available per application.

Application are now open and will be considered on a rolling basis until funding is exhausted.

These calls are open to any academic within the field of policing research who has completed a project within the last 3 years or will complete a project before the end of the academic year.

This funding is being provided to help support the translation of research into policy and practice. We are seeking to support new and innovative methods, mediums, and techniques to promote research. This should go beyond standard dissemination practices (e.g. seminars and presentations) and may include, for example:

• Working with a designer to develop infographics;

• Developing a podcast;

• Creating a training resource;

• Developing an app; and

• Creating process maps etc


Proposals will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate their research’s alignment with SIPR’s strategic research themes ( which are:

• Policing & health, safety & wellbeing
• Technology and Digital Policing
• Policing system capability & resilience

Proposals should also seeks to align with policing priorities in Scotland (see The Joint Strategy for Policing 2020 and Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland).

• Dissemination and engagement measures should be innovative and aim to influence policing policies and practice.

• Resulting products will acknowledge SIPR support.

• The final product should be shareable electronically.

Selection Process

A total of £2,000 has been set aside for this fund and each grant will be worth a maximum of £500. The fund will operate with a rolling deadline run throughout each academic year.

To apply, simply provide the following to Monica Craig:

• Your name and title;

• Your institution;

• The title of your research;

• A breif description of your research including methodology and findings;

• Who funded the research (if applicable);

• Original dissemination plans for the research;

• Budget including description (up to a maxium of £500); and

• The expected impact of new dissemination plan.

Applications will be considered quarterly at the SIPR Executive committee meetings which are attended by the SIPR Leadership team, representatives from Police Scotland, the Scottish Police Authority, a representative from the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR) and external representation (e.g. from the International Advisory Committee) where appropriate.

Candidates will be assessed on relevance to SIPR research themes, alignment with policing priorities, ability to impact on policy or practice, and feasibility (including budget).

For further details contact:

Monica Craig – Knowledge Exchange and Business Manager

0131 455 3459

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